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In today's Economic & Healthcare Reform environment, businesses face numerous challenges that affect growth and their bottom line. Maintaining a competitive edge, profitability & streamlining employee benefit costs without compromising quality, requires ingenuity and a solid strategic plan.

As experienced Benefit Consultants we are able to provide you with the strategies, employee benefits & services that best help you meet your goals.

The Expertise & Guidance You Desire

Understanding Federal ACA reform, compliance, state specific regulations, 
annual plan changes, plan options, the business & financial implications of offering or not offering benefits, employee healthcare exchange criteria and more, requires access to advanced expertise & solutions.

As Benefits & Healthcare Reform Specialists, we are able to provide you with the Guidance needed to make the right choices for your company and employees. 
BHS has the knowledge and resources to help businesses make the best choices for the company and employees in this quickly changing health insurance environment. 

More than ever before, employee benefits and the processes involved, are an area of business that require a solid commitment to strategic planningYour company costs, the quality of your benefit offerings, the ability to draw and retain Key employees and the satisfaction of your employees depend on it.

If you are a large group (50 or more Full time/or the equivalent employees) we are also able to provide you with a comprehensive Pay or Play analysis to assess your options and financial risk. 

As Employee Benefit Consultants BHS brings over 50 years of combined experience helping businesses from a wide variety of industries, both union and non union, successfully
  • reduce & manage benefit costs and trends
  • maintain or improve benefits quality 
  • reduce regulatory risk through enhanced benefits compliance due diligence
  • simplify & enhance benefits administration processes for HR 

We understand that every company's culture & needs are different. There is no one size fits all when it comes to business strategies, employees or benefits. 
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Employee Benefits Services & Consulting 
BHS provides Small to Midsize Businesses with Industry Proven Strategies & Resources that Large Corporations utilize to Provide Quality Benefits and Effectively Manage Healthcare Costs.
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