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Employer Health Insurance and Penalty (HIP) Pay or Play Analysis

Understand your options and the financial impact of health reform on your business.
Our services and data analysis reports can help you better understand your options and create a benefit strategy that is right for your company, and complies with health reform regulations.

How does Healthcare Reform affect your business?
If you have *the equivalent of  50 or more full time employees, you may face penalties under health reform regardless of whether or not you offer health insurance to your employees — especially if you have a high percentage of workers earning less than $45,960. 
*40 fulltime employees + 20 part time employees could equal 50 full time employees.

Since 2014 the definition of full time employee is 30 hours per week. This could be a game changer for your company in regards to pay or play penalties.

A consideration beyond healthcare reform regulations is how providing insurance benefits for employees makes your business provides an enviroment that attracts and retains key employees. This decision is very much industry driven in maintaining a competitive edge in your marketplace.
Balancing the cost and other decisions that impact your business involve detailed analysis. Fully understanding the penalties as well as your options allows you to develop a strategic approach to your benefits. We have the expertise and tools to help.

The importance of a Data Analysis 
The analysis reports we provide will help you weigh your options. 
  • Whether to maintain your benefits
  • If you should change premium contribution levels
  • If you should modify your health benefits 
  • If you should add benefits

Our personalized reports show the cost of:
  • Full-time employees who are eligible for subsidies through health insurance exchanges 
  • Employees who waive coverage and opt to take employer-sponsored coverage 
  • Employer shared responsibility penalties 
  • Opting to drop insurance coverage from your benefits package 
  • Employees’ premiums under the employer’s plan and exchange 

Our goal is to provide you with a win/win scenario for both your company and your employees. 

Our services start with an analysis of the net effect of health reform penalties on your business and a review of our findings.

In addition we will provide:
  • Cost analysis 
  • Consultation on reform issues in general 
  • Implementation options 

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