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   Our process begins with identifying your company's objectives. Understanding your company philosophies, goals &
   culture allows us to provide the solutions that will be of the most value to you & your employees, and meet your risk
   management & asset protection needs.

   Based on additional consult & your consent, we will initiate and implement the programs & processes that 
   you choose, and provide the plan management functions necessary to ensure seamless, simplified integration 
   benefits delivery for your HR department & plan participants.

   We offer initial & ongoing Education 
  • to ensure that participants understand their benefits and the value your offerings provide them  
  • to enhance benefit satisfaction, and healthcare cost savings for your company & your employees
  • to promote worksite wellness, productivity & healthier, happier employees

   We will provide you, your HR department & your employees with ongoing support.
   We will deliver the personal service that enhances benefits satisfaction & success.

Employee Benefits Services & Consulting 

   Throughout our "partnership" with your company; to support your programs ROI; we will continue to work with you to
    track the progress of your programs, your goals and your satisfaction. 
    We will also offer continuing strategies modifications are needed or desired.

    It is our mission to continuously deliver exceptional value to you and your employees in the strategies & services
    we provide.

   After initial discovery, the work begins doing further analysis & critiquing strategies that will best align with ACA
   compliance and your company's needs & satisfaction.  Our intent is to ensure that the solutions we bring to you are
   compatible with Healthcare Reform and the short & long term benefit strategies that meet your goals.

Our Process