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Patrick Keaveny     
Group Benefits Design Strategist, ChFC
​Health & Wellness Strategist

Since graduating from St Mary's University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in 1976, Patrick, "Pat" has excelled in developing his specialized areas of expertise. 
In addition to being a principal partner at BHS, he also currently serves as founder and owner of Diversified Financial Services Group, and past president of Affiliated Benefits Company.

Pat's past & present areas of expertise and certifications include Group Benefits Design Specialist, with a focus on Innovative Consumer Driven Benefits and Strategies, Financial planning, and Chartered Financial Consultant. 
Pat has been designing & implementing fully funded & partially self funded group benefit plans for a wide variety of industries and businesses since 1990. 

Pat was instrumental in designing one of the first blended employee benefit health plans, using tax favored accounts starting in 1999, and with the permission of the US Treasury participated in designing another type of plan in 2004.

Since 1999 Pat has worked with forward thinking Employee Benefits Administrators & Professional Affiliates to create plan designs and systems positioned to help businesses and employees reduce and manage the rising costs of healthcare.

As a highly seasoned professional, member of the State & National Association of Health Underwriters, and the National Association of Alternative Benefit Consultants, Pat contributes to BHS over three decades of extraordinary expertise in Employee Benefits Strategies & Design- using innovative thinking to provide Significant Solutions for employers and employees. 

Pat has participated in the National Healthcare Reform Certification course and is well versed on the ACA & Solutions.

Pat's Healthcare Reform Expertise and seasoned area of benefits expertise insures BHS the best of the best in our Benefits Consulting & Design department.

Kathleen Hall     
Group Design & Individual Benefits Specialist / Healthcare Cost Reduction Strategist

With over three decades of experience in the Healthcare Benefits Industry, Kathleen, "Kathy" has an in depth understanding of Employee Benefits & processes, Benefits Compliance, and the cost challenges that consumers and businesses face. These challenges, and a desire to provide solutions, are what motivated her to research and find innovative ways to help clients (particularly with high deductible insurance plans), reduce their out of pocket healthcare costs and navigate the healthcare system more easily and effectively.

As a seasoned advocate of Healthcare Consumerism, and a result of years of research, Kathy has an advanced level of expertise regarding the ways that consumers can save money on healthcare costs, identify quality care and promote best treatment outcomes.

In 2006 Kathy began to put her research into print, developing a Healthcare Cost Savings Guide for clients which provides resources & guidance on how to be a more proactive, empowered, and cost effective healthcare consumer. 

Through Enhanced Consumer Education and Advocacy, BHS clients are able to access the best value for their healthcare dollars & participate in their treatment process in a more effective way... resulting in lower medical & claims costs and  improved healthcare experiences.

Kathy has been quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, National Trade magazine, as well as been a featured speaker on WCCO regarding Solutions to Employee Benefits, Healthcare Costs and related topics.

She has been asked to present to Associations & Organizations and participate in Professional Health Care Panels regarding Solutions to the High Cost of Health insurance & Healthcare.

Kathy's experience in the benefits industry & unique area of expertise regarding Healthcare Consumerism brings an additional level of value added expertise to BHS with an innovative and results based model for our Healthcare Cost Reduction Strategies.

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In 2012 Patrick Keaveny is recognized by Five Star Professional & Twin Cities Business magazine, as being in the top 2% of Benefits & Insurance Professionals in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.  *See Pat's listing in TCBM's May 2012 edition.

This prestigious Five Star Award is presented to professionals in the benefits industry who have been identified as providing exceptional service and overall satisfaction, as indicated by their clients, peers and industry experts
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