BHS consists of a team of highly seasoned professionals, specializing in specific areas of  expertise, who Share the Same Vision....      
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With an extensive background in Employee Benefits & Managed Care Consulting, our specialists have provided Strategic Solutions to a wide variety of businesses and industries- both union and non union for over 30 yearshelping clients to improve the quality of their benefits, their costs and their bottom line.

As Pioneers in Consumer Driven Benefit Strategies & Designs, our founders served in Advisory Positions with both the 
U.S.Treasury Department and a Congressional Health Task Force regarding Consumer Driven Health Plans, Strategies 
& Policy beginning in 1997.

In 1998 when MSA's were passed in to law & then HSA's in 2004, we were one of the first organizations in Minnesota to bring these tax favored options to the business community and individual consumers.... and to offer unique "blended" plan designs to businesses.

          We bring employers and employees strategic solutions that most businesses have not seen before ...

As an added area of expertise, we specialize in Healthcare Reform Consulting & Solutions. We have the knowledge and resources to help businesses make the best choices for their company and employees in this quickly changing healthcare environment. 

As an Independent Organization, we are able to be totally objective in the services and products we offer, providing you access to the quality & healthcare reform compliant options available to you. 

Operating as a Collaborative, we look at all of the benefits "pieces" involved, and then offer you coordinated strategies & solutions that help to deliver significant & efficient results ... and are compatible with the specific goals, objectives & culture of your company.

OUR MISSION is to provide you with exceptional value & service, while continuing to challenge ourselves 
to exceed our past achievements, and your current and future expectations. 

OUR INTENT is to provide you with the most innovative, value & results based strategies, products and 
services- helping to promote the success of your goals.

                      We understand the frustration that Healthcare Costs & the Benefits puzzle create ... 
                                                          It is our goal to relieve that stress.
                                                 and it is our goal to relieve that stress.
Employee Benefits Services & Consulting 
  • We have been designing innovative CDHP benefit plans since 1998... long ahead of the industry curve.
  • We have specialized in and offered our clients solutions to healthcare & claims costs long before          healthcare consumerism became a commonly promoted phrase.
  • Health & Wellness initiatives have been a part of our portfolio since the inception of our organization.
About BHS
To help businesses & individuals enhance their personal and financial futures... and to deliver the level of value & personal service needed to ensure quality outcomes.